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Students are assisted with homework, science projects, reading and mathematics enrichment and other STEM enrichment activities. Our emphasis on individualized learning helps your child become focused, motivated and self-reliant. We monitor each child’s progress to ensure comprehension before proceeding on to a new concept. With a solid academic base, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, your child has the potential to reach his or her academic goals.

Competitive Edge identifies the root of your child’s struggle and it begins there.
Tutoring may not get to the root of the problem.
  • When a child requires assistance with mathematics or reading, tutoring often focuses on addressing an immediate need, such as “help with fractions, algebra or 4th grade spelling.”

  • The Competitive Edge Method, on the other hand, recognizes that a child’s struggle likely stems from having missed earlier, fundamental learning.

  • This may mean taking your child back at first, to ensure this important learning is mastered, before moving forward.

  • If the missed fundamentals aren’t mastered, it leaves the door open to more struggles in the future and more tutors.

Carefully designed worksheets ensure concepts are mastered.
Competitive Edge identifies where your child’s learning started to fall behind, while a tutor may not.
  • To first fix the source of your child’s struggles, the starting point needs to be correct. So, while a tutor may begin tutoring a fifth grader on fifth-grade material, Competitive Edge may start them at a different level.

  • Alternatively, your child will complete an assessment exam to measure mastery to date, identify gaps in learning and pinpoint the best individualized starting point for your youngster.

  • This may be at a level below your expectations, but it’s vital that those gaps be filled first, then your child can better master more advanced concepts as he or she advances through the Competitive Edge Program.

Your child learns by doing, not by being fed information
Tutoring is passive learning.
  • Competitive Edge teaches self-learning.

  • One of the most crucial differences between the Competitive Edge method and math or reading tutor is the concept of self-learning.

  • A tutor often sits with a child and explains how to work out a problem. This makes the child a “passive learner,” listening to an explanation with no guarantee that the concept has been fully grasped. This is why struggling often resurface.

  • Conversely, self-learning at Competitive Edge keeps your children actively engaged. They learn by studying examples and then can do the work on their own. They’re learning by doing, not by watching, and they’re relying on themselves instead of on what the tutor knows.


Over time, many Competitive Edge kids study grade levels ahead of their peers
Tutoring ends when a child catches up. Competitive Edge keeps them advancing.
  • A math or reading tutor typically helps children with the material they’re being taught in the current grade. Once they start performing a bit better, the tutoring usually ends.

  • Why not keep your child advancing? At Competitive Edge, learning doesn’t have to stop because the current test scores improve. And learning isn’t limited by age or grade.

  • Children, no matter their age, can advance to the highest levels all the way through high school calculus and Shakespeare. That’s why many Competitive Edge children who started a bit behind not only catch up but advance to studying material several years ahead of their grade level.

  • Competitive Edge is an ongoing learning enrichment program, not a tutoring center.

  • Parents often choose tutoring in the hopes of quickly eliminating a child’s demand for math or reading assistance. But a short-term fix doesn’t address the fundamental gaps in learning.

  • The Competitive Edge Method ensures children master every building block of reading through a tested method of short, daily assignments known as the Competitive Edge Worksheets.

  • The assignments take approximately 30 minutes per subject per day, two days a week at the Competitive Edge Learning Center and the other days at home. Each worksheet ensures a concept is mastered before moving on to the next incrementally more challenging worksheet.

  • It may take longer to see results, but this little bit of study every day and ongoing mastery is how Competitive Edge kids succeed.

  • Over time, you not only eliminate homework struggles, you also help your child build a foundation of knowledge, independence and confidence that will last a lifetime.







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