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Kerwin & Vernessa Armour

The Competitive Edge Program has truly been a blessing in our lives. My son is able to perform Pre-Algebra after school and complete it before getting home in the afternoons. If he does not have a true understanding of whatever lesson he is on, Mrs. Thomas will make sure he does before he leaves for the day. Mrs. Thomas also prepares him for his Pre-Algebra tests before he takes it. Kerwin is really doing well in all classes. He also has an opportunity to complete the rest of his homework while at Competitive Edge. Competitive Edge has allowed us an opportunity to come home and have family time together after being at school and work all day. My child no longer has to sit up all night and do homework after we eat dinner.  We love it!

Gidelle Pyfrom 

Competitive Edge Learning Center has been an important part of our son's school year … not just to keep up, but to stay ahead.  From the moment we met Mr. & Mrs. Hall, we knew that they were genuinely concerned about our son’s social and academic development.

Mrs. Hall has a wonderful personality.  Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching key learning concepts is truly refreshing.  She accomplishes these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude.  She is organized, reliable and creates fun opportunities (robotics, chess, baking, etc.) for her students that help benefit them both socially and academically. I recommend the Competitive Edge Learning Center as an investment into your child’s future.

Mishael Williams 

I am so grateful for Competitive Edge and Mrs. Hall! My son attended her after school program this school year. Not only does she have an organized program, but she was able to ensure that my son stayed on top of his homework, prepared for tests and projects and allowed him time to research topics and ideas as he loves to do.  I love that her husband is also involved. He so encouraged my son in ways that only a Godly man can. Mrs. Hall is a uniquely gifted teacher who brings her years of experience and expertise to the afterschool setting. I am extremely glad for Competitive Edge and I highly recommend them!

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